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OctoBionic brings bionic super powers to XR

Our team of OctoBionic super devs have built World-Class experiences for some of the biggest brands on the planet.   Our deep understanding of immersive technology can help you bring your virtual dreams and ideas to life.

Our XR Services

We design World-Class XR experiences that are transformative.  XR (Extended Reality) Is an umbrella term covering VR, AR, and MR.  We specialize in XR User Experience Design allowing us to craft a one of a kind experience that will make a memorable impression and delight your users.

Our Services

Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Environments

  • 6 Degrees of Movement 

  • Hand Tracking

  • Head Mounted Display

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Augmented Reality

  • Augments the real world

  • Mobile and Tablet

  • Social and Marketing

  • Image Tracking

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Mixed Reality

  • Spatially aware of the real world

  • Augments the real world

  • Head Mounted Display

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Virtual Training

  • Complete immersion

  • Analytics

  • LMS Integration

  • Remote Collaboration

  • Safe and efficient

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Virtual Therapy​

  • Complete immersion

  • Meditative

  • Stimulating

  • Exercise and Rehab

  • Engaging

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XR Marketing & Entertainment

  • AR/VR/MR

  • Games

  • Product Visualization

  • Activations

  • Trade Shows

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"I felt like I was actually there.  It's like my brain couldn't tell the difference anymore! It blew my mind!"

-Paul G.


Ready to find out more?

Our passion for XR excellence runs deep.  We'd love to learn more about what your passions are, and how we an help you bring them to life.  

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