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XR Solutions
for Your Industry


XR can help shore up the trades aging workforce.  With the shortage of new workers coming onto the job, and major challenges of remote training in these difficult times.  XR technology is a superior way to expose a new generation of workers to the trades.  Specially crafted Virtual Training can not only appeal to a younger generation of workers, it can improve their understanding of complex and dangerous lessons.   VR training is safer and more engaging than traditional forms of online of book training.  It also offers greater access to data and analytics giving both the student and instructor information on their progress.


XR has been in use in the medical field for some time.  Visualization of complex body functions can not only help patience and doctor communicate, but it can also help asymptomatic patiences become more compliant with their medication.  Beyond training and education for physicians, patience can gain a huge benefit from being able to understand how their medication is working in their body from the inside out.  Imagine a journey through the human body as you watch vaccine destroy a virus in virtual reality.   


AR and VR have had a positive impact on retail.  Want to try a product before you buy it, no problem, just load up an AR model and place it in your house.  It doesn't stop there either.  Wouldn't it be great if you had a virtual avatar help you build that perfect piece of furniture?  With AR, augmented avatars, instructions, and video can all be placed in the real world to help your customers not only engage with your products, but also get the support they need.  From trying on virtual glasses and shoes, to placing a couch in your living room XR is changing the way customers are shopping.

 Marketing & Promotional

Looking for an exhilarating new way to capture your audience's attention?  XR may be just thing.  From posters and promotions that spring to live using AR, to Virtual Events that allow swarms of people to experience a new product in VR, XR technology is changing what's possible.  Although the experiences is what your customers will remember, the metrics and analytics is what will drive true business results.  We design our marketing and promotional experiences to give you the best of both worlds.

Games & Entertainment

One of our greatest passions.  We all love to play games, but have you ever played a game in AR or VR?  Investors are pouring into the VR gaming space like never before.  Major players are doubling down on VR as the next big console.  Playstation, EA, Ubisoft, and even Microsoft are all big players that are shaping the landscape of VR Gaming.   Our team is uniquely suited to this industry, it's in our DNA.  

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