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Why Choose OctoBionic for your immersive project?

01. Design

We design and build exact solutions that solve your exact needs.  Our team of talented designers and engineers, leverage their deep understanding of immersive technology to ensure you get the experience your team needs to drive real business results.  Our user centric approach to design ensures that your users journey will be simple and intuitive, giving them the opportunity to be present and soak up all the virtual goodness.

02. Technology

Our aim is to make XR Technology accessible to everyone.  This desire has lead us to using the most widely adopted VR and AR platforms available on the market today.  You can be assured that every solution we create will be easy to use and maintain for years to come.

03. Process

Our super bionic process helps ensure you get the touch points you need to ensure the project is on track, on budget, and on time.   We are deeply rooted in AGILE development methodologies that enable us to provide superior insight to your product design, backlog, and releases.

04. Innovation

At our core, we are innovators.  Designing experiences for the worlds largest brands, demands innovation.  We work closely with hardware and software developers to innovate and move XR technology forward though staged R&D activities.  This means you can be assured that we'll use the right technology for your project every time.

05. Relationships and Support

OctoBionic is proud of the relationships it has built.  We go out of our way to build trust and confidence with our clients, forming a mutual bond that goes far beyond the delivery of our XR experiences.  Our team is dedicated and ready to support your project from the initial concept, to planning and development, to user testing and deployment.  You can be assured we'll be with you every step of the way.

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